About The Modadelics​

The Modadelics started to take shape in 2005, when Gary French (past drummer) and Dave Barrett (guitar) agreed that music was never better than in the 60s and 70s, and also that 60s and 70s music is never more exciting than when pumped out live.

Being too young to have seen bands like the Small Faces, The Who and The Kinks perform in their 60s heyday, Gary and Dave decided to take matters into their own hands, and set about finding like-minded and talented individuals to come together to recreate the energy and fun of their favourite music.

Trevor (The Mighty) Quinn and Chrissie Barrett came in on vocals, followed by Neil Valentine on lead guitar, Sam Dunthorne came to play on drums and most recently Michael Atkins completed the line-up on bass.

Over time, The Modadelics have spent a lot of time in Dave’s professional-grade studio constructing an exciting repertoire of classic songs, centred around the great British mod and rock bands of the 60s. It doesn’t stop there though, as we briefly tip our hats back to the 50s for some rock ‘n’ roll, sideways to Motown, and forward through the following decades, right up to the present day.

We do not aim to be a costume-wearing tribute band; we bring this classic music to you with our own individual style firmly stamped on it and invite you to join in the passion of the music and enjoy it as much as we do.

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